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Yellow Rust Tools - maps and charts

Yellow rust Sweden, 2011

In Europe new multivirulent strains appeared in at least four NW-European countries in 2011: UK, France, Denmark, Sweden. Several wheat varieties became affected and the new strains seems to be very aggressive based on field observations. It is first time ever recorded in Europe that a single strain emerges at this geographical scale in high frequencies in the same growing season, suggesting large scale long-distance aerial spore dispersal autumn 2010/ spring 2011 from an unknown source

Four PCR-based markers uniquely identifying aggressive strains PstS1/ PstS2 and differentiating these from other known Pst strains are being developed at the Global Rust reference Centre. For isolates collected in Denmark and Sweden, preliminary results suggest that the new strain may be a recombinant involving aggressiveness.

Below is link to different tools that analyse and display information about the historical and current distribution and importance of yellow rust in Europe. Use the link below the Screen dumps or select from the menu to the left.

For further information about epidemiology and control of cereal diseases in Europe see EuroWheat

Races - Changes across years

Virulences - Changes across years

Importance of the three wheat Rusts

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